Forte Music Company srl is a music publishing house and a musical edition from Bucharest, Romania. We are engraving music on computer since 1990 and during this time we have collaborated with many publishers and composers, all over Europe. At the present we are the only publishing house that provides engraving services for National Music Publishing House of Romania.

 We are engraving music with the SCORE program. All our employees, editors and music consultants have an academic degree in music and a large experience with musical notation and editorial practices and conventions.

Over the years we have typed and edited all kind of music, from kindergarten music up to very complex contemporary music. Due to our considerable practical experience based on the collaboration with many publishers and composers, we are able to adapt our engraving conform to any stylistic requests.

The steady growth of our business during the last years makes us looking for worldwide development, searching for prospective clients, so if you are interested in a collaboration with us here you can find many samples, with prices, and you can see our fine quality in music engraving.



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